Hanno Kiehl has been making guitars since 1998. He began at the workshop of Michael Wichmann, a renowned guitar maker in Hamburg. He worked with Michael until 2005 when he moved his workshop to Bergen, Norway. During the period between 1998 and 2005 he developed his own steel-string and Gipsy-Jazz models based on the study of the old originals.

He also gained a lot of experience within the field of repairing and restoring high class guitars of any kind.

In 2005 he opened his guitar workshop in Kong Oscars Gate in Bergen which, over the years, became a revered workshop, renowned for high quality craftsmanship among the guitarists of the vivid music scene of Bergen and Norway.

In Bergen, Kiehl began to develop his classical guitar models. The classical models have their foundations of traditional guitar making, but also use modern methods. Kiehl has incorporated the usage of carbon fibers, or double-top constructions, into his construction.

Since 2014 the workshop in Bergen has been run by the spanish guitar maker, VMM, but Kiehl’s guitars are still available there and he works there periodically as well. The main workshop has returned to Hamburg, now housed in the lively quarter of Ottensen. You can find it in a former smokehouse in one of the typical backyards of this quarter.

Hanno Kiehl speaks German, English and Norwegian.

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